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Younited, formerly Prêt d’Union, is a French company specializing in instant credit in Europe. A member of Next40, the company has a credit institution license issued by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority.

Younited has more than 500 employees present in 5 European countries.

The need

After the departure of the incumbent, the latter occupying a central role in the company, Younited had an immediate need for an Office manager position, oriented People Ops.


At Younited, the role of the office manager is to manage the daily well-being of employees and the proper functioning of the premises.

  • Well-being of employees
  • Development and maintenance of offices
  • Onboarding management (training, access, welcome pack)
  • Internal events (budget management, organization)
  • Management of sub-tenants (inventory, layout, etc.)
“Organization of two very successful parties, impeccable budget management! »

The planning

The weekly requirement was 3 days per week, with a presence in the Paris offices necessary.

  • 3 days a week
  • On the site

Facilib’s response

Facilib provided Younited with one of its office managers on a permanent contract, specializing in startup environments, in just 48 hours.

Presentation of the consultant

Facilib studied its client’s needs and presented Younited with an office manager who perfectly matched their needs. The Facilib office manager met with 3 people at Younited to validate the prerequisites.

Framing the mission

A schedule adapted to the needs of Younited was put in place with the consultant Facilib.

  • Presence Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon
  • Arrival on site at 9:30 a.m.

Consultant onboarding

The Facilib Office Manager arrives on site for the first day. The teams are introduced to him, a tour of the premises is organized.

The functioning of the company as well as its social/HR policies and management vision are presented.

“Very rapid adaptation to the culture and functioning of the company” Figdis Flaten, HR Europe

End of mission

The consultant carries out the mission for 6 months then Younited entrusts Facilib with the recruitment of a full-time in-house office manager.


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